ARCHIVE: The Other Side of Dr. Josh


The Doctor is in: Joshua Louis makes two appearances this week in downtown Red Bank — at Red Lounge on Thursday, and on the final evening of Red Bank Street Life this Saturday.

By TOM CHESEK (First published on Red Bank oRBit August 26, 2009)

It’s a phrase you’ve heard before — maybe you thought it to yourself once or twice when you were stuck somewhere listening to some “live entertainer” whose reach for low-level music stardom exceeded his grasp of the essentials. In other words, “don’t quit your day job, buddy.”

In the case of singer, songwriter and keyboard artist Joshua Louis, we would only suggest that he hold on to his professional situation because that “day job” is so appreciated by so many people in our community.

Under his full name of Dr. Josh L. Lachowicz, the young native of Virginia cares for some of the most precious members of our families in his staff position as a veterinary oncologist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls. It’s a position that places him at the front of what he describes as “an emotional rollercoaster,” for local people who depend on the folks at RBVH to see them through a difficult time. And, despite the presence of some House stubble in his publicity photos, Dr. Josh has been known to possess a far more finely honed sense of bedside manner than that cantankerous TV medic.

When he hangs up the lab coat to pursue his creative muse as Joshua Louis, the good doctor doesn’t necessarily switch into “double-life” mode. Whether on the trance beats of Ted Cruz-produced tracks like “Smile” or “The Other Side of Me” — or on the solo acoustic versions where his plaintive, autumnal piano and warm, James Taylorish vocals come to the fore — this is obviously the work of an artist anda scientist who studies emotions; the way they impress themselves upon our being, and the way we express ourselves in dealing with them.

Josh, who makes his home “on the scenic shore of Jersey City” — where his housemates include a shepherd mix named Maxine and a big old orange cat named Stitch — juggles city gigs at places like Kenny’s Castaways with frequent appearances in the greater Red Bank orbit. The coming days offer two chances to catch him in action in downtown RB, on Thursday night at Red on Broad Street, and on Saturday evening as one of the final round of free outdoor mini-concerts in theRed Bank Street Life series (he’ll be set up outside Red Ginger Home on Monmouth Street between 6 and 9pm).

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