12/27: WET, in Need of Changing

Thanks again to Danny Sanchez for the proey-looking photo session, one image from which even wound up in a gallery exhibition. Hint: one of the objects in this scene is a phony prop.

And…we are back. Wait, no? Yeah.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the upperWETside blog has been in the middle of a holiday hiatus of sorts; a newly minted tradition that’s timed to coincide with that time of the year when most of the things we write about stop dead for a spell, broken only by the annual Bouncing Souls Home for the Holidays stand, the Light of Day 2012 hoohah and a Polar Bear Plunge or two.

We’re taking the opportunity to catch up with various entities and ecstasies on the local artscape; collecting some news, rumors, interviews and twaddle from up and down the Upper Wet Side of NJ — and getting ready to effect some changes here on everyone’s favorite boo-teek blog.

NOTE that the operative word here is BLOG — even given the fact that we’re ostensibly operating within a post-blogging environment. It makes sense when you consider that this is a noncommercial web site, produced on standard blogging software and hosted by WordPress (although we employ a rather nifty, horizontally oriented format tat we actually had to shell out money for).

THIS, plus the fact that we’ve pretty much given up correcting people who call our thing a “blog,” has convinced us that we’d do right to behave MORE like a blog — a randomly but regularly updated (and resolutely opinionated) account of our doings, as they intersect with the ideas and energies of the creative people who make the Upper Wet Side the most interesting corner of the Garden State. Because the creator of this blog is not so terribly interesting in and of himself.

GONE — even erased from history — are the daily event picks that we’ve posted to these paperless pages since going live back in May 2011. A continuation of the roundups that we produced for our old (defunct) site Red Bank oRBit, these items represented a winding down of our former commercial tendencies; a feature that doesn’t make much sense within the context of a project from which we derive no income (not that we made a dime off the old ad-driven site either).

BLAME YELLOWCARD. We knew the jig was soon to be up for those event updates, as we struggled to write anything even remotely nice about that boring old band in advance of a recent Stone Pony show.

IN THEIR PLACE, look for a greater variety of feature pieces appearing here; stories that (while they’re still going to be keyed to timely and happening things to do) will hew to their own lopsided logic — a bit of breaking news, a snifter of speculation and rumor, AND the odd foray into topics that aren’t so strictly particular to this neck of the weeds we like to call the Upper Wet Side.

STILL on tap will be the sort of articles we’ve specialized in for this and other outlets: in-depth interviews, comprehensive appreciations and biased, elitist blat. Rich, dense wordesserts; garnished with puns and alliteration; drizzled with run-on sentences and baked into a pie around a bracing nugget of truth. Really, we write like we read, so if you’re looking for easily digestible morsels of PR rewrites, look pretty much anywhere else but here.

WE’RE PROUD to offer up a product with a readership that registers in the hundreds rather than thousands — all of them the “right” sets of eyeballs, as far as we’re concerned. And we’ll continue to tweak it and make it up as we go along; implementing such down-the-pike ideas as audio and video posts (these’ll require a bit of investment on our part, so, you know), guest-writer contributions — maybe even a new series of live events hosted at the Crane House, the historic haunt where we hang our hat and pound out these pages.

CHECK BACK in the days leading up to the Newy Year — and monitor those all-important Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter alerts — for new stuff and stories, STRICTLY on the Upper WET Side!

Tom Chesek • Asbury Park, NJ