6/16: Have Another Scoop

We’re not the type to drink someone else’s milkshake or steal someone else’s scoop — so we’ll just say that today’s TriCity News is expected to contain some pretty exciting news about the comeback of a long-shuttered Asbury Park landmark. Probably not the one you’re thinking of, and nothing at all to do with the now-demolished relic that our old 1957 Plymouth Savoy is pictured in front of.

So, you read it here first — and you’ll read all about it in the TriKe. Stop in today at the Atlantic Highlands Super Foodtown or wherever you normally pick up that fightin’ weekly; wait for the little guy to drop off the stack of papers and tell ’em we sent you. Then watch for more on the topic in these paperless pages — because we’re UpperWETside, and we’re here to hep.